Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life in CEG – Live Life Like a Rock Star

Warning: This post is slightly different from the previous ones, It has less fun elements, Its a tribute to an Individual whom I love, respect, envy and admire....

So far I purposely din mention a word abt this one guy, Coz this guy always deserves a special attention, the guy who was different from everyone in this class. I noticed him from day 1, he used to introduce himself to everyone, he din waste even a second during breaks, and always was busy talking to someone. He along with Mr. Pride and Alva Edison were the ones who had extended interaction sessions with girls. He fried nuts so much to the extent that I was able to hear murmurs from ppl (I don’t wana mention names) that this guy is putting over scene. But I noticed that he was the only guy with whom no gal had even the slightest of discomfort. He was here with a mission, at that point I dono wat it was. But one thing was clear, In the words of Prakash Raj in Anniyan: “Avan intha ulagathukku edho solla virumburan”. He spoke to me on day 4 or 5, I dono wat took him so long, maybe he followed the roll no order. “Hai Im Rock Star” He said with his trademark dichkudikkan smile. I used to hear few north Indian guys calling someone Rock Star but then I thought it was Shake’s, but to my surprise, for the first time in my life I saw a Rock Star with a clean shaved look, applied oil to his hair, combed his hair, wearing a shirt with all the buttons on. As I mentioned earlier, this place has lot of unusuals. We shook hands, He asked abt my native, even before I finished telling him, “Chennai ah”, “Ok fill this” he gave a sheet, which was similar to the Index page in the record notebooks that we maintain in schools. It had details abt students coming from Chennai. Poor fellow, is doin his assignment. I was in a hurry, so I asked him whether I hav to fill it rite now. Rocky came closer and whispered in my ears “Boys, name ezhudhuna podhum, girls details thaaan mukkiyama paapaanga..k ”. Then we left together, He invited me to his hostel room, I actually wanted to go, jus to check out the song collections our Rock Star has. But was getting late, so I left the place. He then asked my contact no, which I still remember shouting it out from the MBA parking. The next day I went to his room, the Sixth block, room no 63 I guess. His comp had jus four or five mp3 files, when opened those wer the default sample files which comes with the OS. Then I asked him a question “Y ppl call yo Rock Star”. His Words As he told: “Naan oorla enga centerla Game velladuvan, Adhula andha hero character peru Rock Star So Naan ennake Rock Star nu Per Vechukittein”, Then I asked him how it got continued here. “Naanga Introduce panna Arumbichadhe Rock Star nu Thaane” he replied. I asked him “Idhellam Oru Pozhappa” Rocky gave his trademark smile as reply and asked me to maintain the story behind his name, a secret. There it started, our journey together as friends, more than jus friends... I dono y, for wat reason I like this guy so much, from day one I admired him. A guy who expects nothing but gives yo cent percent. Then I shifted my place next to rock... The fifth row.. which became our permanent den. This was abt a week or ten days from the first day. Usually I remain silent for a while in a new environment... This was my habit rite from the school days. It continued here too. Since I passed the dormant stage, It was time for me to come out of the shell, with all guns firing... And Im not alone, I got Rock Star for company.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life in CEG – The Intro

It was day two, our first intro session with the seniors which happened in a large spacious room in the Science block. Unlike the one I experienced in NIT this intro was enjoyable. Aaron who was comfortable sitting next to me was constantly asking me “Are you not scared?”. well for a thug who served in thihar jail, vellore jail is a cake walk like wise this intro session jus seemed like a happy time pass for me. Like every other university, our university also had a salute. Shake sphere, our class rep was the first one to learn that salute, he had to repeat the salute till he perfected it. In addition, he has to teach it for those who fail to do the honours properly. One by one, we were called randomly to the front, first up its the salute then its up to ur performance, the earlier you satisfy them, the sooner you’ll return, So the rules wer simple. Suddenly a girl picked Aaron, I felt a tremor as Aaron vacated the bench vibrating like a Nokia 1100. Previously I told him the trick, of how to get back soon. Aaron is a fast learner, somehow his Philips bulb glowed in time and he showed some magic trick to the seniors, they got impressed. He then returned with a great sigh of relief, this time no vibration, no ringtone, he was in silent mode. I was not caught in the first intro, we had a series of intro sessions which mostly happened in science block. I remember only a few interesting ones. Rakhi stunned everyone with his voice wen he sang the famous fish wedding song, Mr. Childhood Elephant God was the mic holder. Spiderman was asked to take push ups, the army school chick ah was asked to shoot spiderman. Here also, Triple jumper wrote programs on the board. Then a gal was asked to play a video jockey. Eye glower gave flowers to the seniors. Diana left the scene fighting with a senior. Vassool Raja let out his ambition to marry the life saver. Alva Edison once again scared the seniors, with his trademark Question Attack. LTTE Chief was asked to giv a NCC salute, he managed to do it with a tinch of snake babu effect in it. Ms Mia who served the NCC for quite a while went berserk over LTTE chief’s salute. At first when I saw her reactions, I thought she was undercover here for some army mission like in Main Hoon na. I cursed Indian Army for not assigning srk this mission, atleast we wud hav had Sushmitha as our PPS teacher. Hmm our Keragam we had Mia substituting for srk. Finally it was my time, luckily I was not alone. We were abt 8-10 guys who were asked to giv intro at the same time coz it got late, we had a lab session next. All the seniors demanded to do something very interesting and disappear. The Philips bulb glowed, I got an idea, actually I borrowed it from Selvaragavan. It was a song it went like,
Me:“Raja” “Rajaathi Raajan intha Raja”
Others: “AH Ah” “Kooja.....” .....................................................................................................................
Philips saved the day for me and others. We were given assignments, and tasks to be done.. then there was this announcement abt our freshers. These Intro sessions, if taken in the right spirit will help in getting adapted to the new environment. Yeah we might think who r these seniors, wat right do they hav, to order us... etc.. etc... but if we think for a minute they are a lot better than the sick bosses and managers under whom we hav to work, wer we hav no other option but to obey thier orders blindly, even if you can prove them wrong.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life in CEG – First Day First Show

Finally it was D day for me; 7th Aug I guess was the day when I was in for lot of unusuals. I had to wake up around 7.30am coz my classes start at 8.30am. When I entered the college gate there was this security ppl who showed me the way to the parking. I stopped and told him Im a student. He din hav the courtesy to reply he jus asked me to park the vehicle and walk, It reminded me of my College(UG) wer a poor old man used to literally plead asking us to park in the students parking, which I refused coz its a bit far from my class. But now I had to walk a kilometre into this huge university to reach my dept. It was time for the first class, DBMS it was. We were waiting for the lecturer for a long time, sitting next to me was this guy who introduced himself, his name sounded similar to Aaron. Behind me, there wer 4 guys, in such a short time they formed a group headed by Rakhi. Rakhi was telling all his mighty stories of how he used to chase away his seniors in UG. He also told how he’ll respond to seniors if they call him for a raging session: “Neenga rag pannunga illa rape eh pannunga”. I thought well there is this bold guy who can save us from intensive ragging sessions, a guy who’ll stand up for our rights. As I was listening to Rakhi’s mighty stories, Suddenly there was lot of hush, shh and all the sound effects in the world meaning “keep quiet” and every one stood up, then I realised the lecturer has arrived. He just passed by my left shoulder, I donno y but for some reason he was rushing to the board at 20-25kmph he was jus inches away from the board but he had no signs of stopping. Then suddenly his right leg got airborne the left one swiftly twisted around as his entire body took a 180degree turn as he showed his face to the class (left to right). Well we had no idea at that time what big role he is goin to play in our MCA. He gave a small sample of wat we have to go thro for the next few years. Then we had a long break before our DS class. Again I listened to my back bench frenz one of them The LTTE chief was telling abt this front bench girl who got a triple promotion in school. This was the talk all over the class. Mr Alva Edison had an extended session of discussions wit the triple jumper. We were then interrupted by our seniors as memories of my intro sessions in NIT flashed like in the film Gothika. But to my suprise these ppl wer very polite in their approach. They called us for an intro session the next day. Suddenly one guy started asking questions to the seniors, it was Alva Edison.. he was asking all kind of questions which non of the seniors expected, they were actually chased out of the class by his question attack. The guy I expected to speak Rakhi was nowhere to be seen. Then I noticed a guy, who can never stand still. He was dressed in blue jeans and blue Tshirt ignoring the dress code completely. First I saw him speaking hindi with the north Indians, then he was speaking manageable tamil with the south stars. I spoke to him, initially He spoke @ 1 word per minute(WPM). Then as the day progressed we spoke abt our preferences, how we landed here and yeah my favourite topic Music. This guy has the same preferences as I do, we listen to all kinds of music, we like biking, movies and the most important thing, this guy can put mokkai. By this time the WPM also increased considerably. In all, this multilingual shake sphere was the only my kinda guy so far. End of day one: I walked the one km stretch, back to parking, then off to home.

Life in CEG – The Road to CEG

The year was 2006, twenty years from the day I debuted into this battlefield as yet another warrior to live, fight, struggle and amidst all of this, enjoy a bit. Now I had to pursue my so called post graduation in this so called prestigious institution. This place is called the National Institute of technology, Situated in the nameless mountains, 22kms from Calicut city. Never in my life had I wanted to be serious, studious, ambitious.... etc. But now I had to inculcate all this sinful qualities in me. I told myself the words my sister told me like how I should be responsible from now on. As my sisters words were echoing in my mind, I got interrupted by a voice, the voice that belonged to my senior. The guy with the most dreadful eyes stares at me and invites me to yet another intro session in G Hostel. There were around 20 boys in my batch we were divided into groups of three, two, one (mostly based on your wanted level) and will be sent to different rooms filled with a minimum of 8-10 seniors. We have to follow a set of rules which gets updated every nano second. Laughing is strictly prohibited, for a guy who spent half of his life so far finding new ways to laugh; it was the toughest rule to follow. I remember the days when I was asked to abuse a tube light. I don’t know what is so funny in that, but they would ask me to do that for the entire session. Well if you’re wondering wats the tough part, the session I mentioned will go on for a minimum of six hours. Mostly i’ll be abusing the light, while my friends will be performing stunts, dancing and wat not. Once I was asked to abuse the light in my mother tongue. I did it, but this time my target was not the light but the ones who gave me the orders. I abused in tamil which no one around 50m radius was able to understand. In between it was funny that I cud not control letting my teeth to be seen. Thats wen the lights went down due to power failure, I seized the moment, finally I laughed without sound effect. Then without warning the lights wer on, I was caught, the investigation was on to find the reason behind the laugh. Thats wen i got a call from home. My mom informed me abt a letter from Anna University. “You have been called for the Anna University MCA Counselling programme” she said. Then there was this long conversation with my sis whether to continue in NIT or to join AU. In between I was interrupted by the dreadful eye guy who constantly will be checking whether Im actually talking over the phone or jus pretending.. He did the job with perfection; he looked as if he was in the shoes of 007. Then the conversation ended, I was given the freedom to choose between the two options. By the time the session too ended. Next day, I surfed the net, compared the syllabus, called friends, and ultimately ended confusing myself. NIT obviously is incomparable wit AU, But for a five point someone guy like me Comparisons has to be made the other way around. I din take a clear decision even before the day of the AU counselling. With a confused mind I attended the counselling, I got a Seat, I reserved it against 5000bucks. Now I had to take the decision, This or That, Left or Right.... Finally I made a choice.... The choice that took me to hall no: 13 in the Red Building, Where I got registered as an Anna University Student.