Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life in CEG – The Road to CEG

The year was 2006, twenty years from the day I debuted into this battlefield as yet another warrior to live, fight, struggle and amidst all of this, enjoy a bit. Now I had to pursue my so called post graduation in this so called prestigious institution. This place is called the National Institute of technology, Situated in the nameless mountains, 22kms from Calicut city. Never in my life had I wanted to be serious, studious, ambitious.... etc. But now I had to inculcate all this sinful qualities in me. I told myself the words my sister told me like how I should be responsible from now on. As my sisters words were echoing in my mind, I got interrupted by a voice, the voice that belonged to my senior. The guy with the most dreadful eyes stares at me and invites me to yet another intro session in G Hostel. There were around 20 boys in my batch we were divided into groups of three, two, one (mostly based on your wanted level) and will be sent to different rooms filled with a minimum of 8-10 seniors. We have to follow a set of rules which gets updated every nano second. Laughing is strictly prohibited, for a guy who spent half of his life so far finding new ways to laugh; it was the toughest rule to follow. I remember the days when I was asked to abuse a tube light. I don’t know what is so funny in that, but they would ask me to do that for the entire session. Well if you’re wondering wats the tough part, the session I mentioned will go on for a minimum of six hours. Mostly i’ll be abusing the light, while my friends will be performing stunts, dancing and wat not. Once I was asked to abuse the light in my mother tongue. I did it, but this time my target was not the light but the ones who gave me the orders. I abused in tamil which no one around 50m radius was able to understand. In between it was funny that I cud not control letting my teeth to be seen. Thats wen the lights went down due to power failure, I seized the moment, finally I laughed without sound effect. Then without warning the lights wer on, I was caught, the investigation was on to find the reason behind the laugh. Thats wen i got a call from home. My mom informed me abt a letter from Anna University. “You have been called for the Anna University MCA Counselling programme” she said. Then there was this long conversation with my sis whether to continue in NIT or to join AU. In between I was interrupted by the dreadful eye guy who constantly will be checking whether Im actually talking over the phone or jus pretending.. He did the job with perfection; he looked as if he was in the shoes of 007. Then the conversation ended, I was given the freedom to choose between the two options. By the time the session too ended. Next day, I surfed the net, compared the syllabus, called friends, and ultimately ended confusing myself. NIT obviously is incomparable wit AU, But for a five point someone guy like me Comparisons has to be made the other way around. I din take a clear decision even before the day of the AU counselling. With a confused mind I attended the counselling, I got a Seat, I reserved it against 5000bucks. Now I had to take the decision, This or That, Left or Right.... Finally I made a choice.... The choice that took me to hall no: 13 in the Red Building, Where I got registered as an Anna University Student.

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