Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life in CEG – Live Life Like a Rock Star

Warning: This post is slightly different from the previous ones, It has less fun elements, Its a tribute to an Individual whom I love, respect, envy and admire....

So far I purposely din mention a word abt this one guy, Coz this guy always deserves a special attention, the guy who was different from everyone in this class. I noticed him from day 1, he used to introduce himself to everyone, he din waste even a second during breaks, and always was busy talking to someone. He along with Mr. Pride and Alva Edison were the ones who had extended interaction sessions with girls. He fried nuts so much to the extent that I was able to hear murmurs from ppl (I don’t wana mention names) that this guy is putting over scene. But I noticed that he was the only guy with whom no gal had even the slightest of discomfort. He was here with a mission, at that point I dono wat it was. But one thing was clear, In the words of Prakash Raj in Anniyan: “Avan intha ulagathukku edho solla virumburan”. He spoke to me on day 4 or 5, I dono wat took him so long, maybe he followed the roll no order. “Hai Im Rock Star” He said with his trademark dichkudikkan smile. I used to hear few north Indian guys calling someone Rock Star but then I thought it was Shake’s, but to my surprise, for the first time in my life I saw a Rock Star with a clean shaved look, applied oil to his hair, combed his hair, wearing a shirt with all the buttons on. As I mentioned earlier, this place has lot of unusuals. We shook hands, He asked abt my native, even before I finished telling him, “Chennai ah”, “Ok fill this” he gave a sheet, which was similar to the Index page in the record notebooks that we maintain in schools. It had details abt students coming from Chennai. Poor fellow, is doin his assignment. I was in a hurry, so I asked him whether I hav to fill it rite now. Rocky came closer and whispered in my ears “Boys, name ezhudhuna podhum, girls details thaaan mukkiyama paapaanga..k ”. Then we left together, He invited me to his hostel room, I actually wanted to go, jus to check out the song collections our Rock Star has. But was getting late, so I left the place. He then asked my contact no, which I still remember shouting it out from the MBA parking. The next day I went to his room, the Sixth block, room no 63 I guess. His comp had jus four or five mp3 files, when opened those wer the default sample files which comes with the OS. Then I asked him a question “Y ppl call yo Rock Star”. His Words As he told: “Naan oorla enga centerla Game velladuvan, Adhula andha hero character peru Rock Star So Naan ennake Rock Star nu Per Vechukittein”, Then I asked him how it got continued here. “Naanga Introduce panna Arumbichadhe Rock Star nu Thaane” he replied. I asked him “Idhellam Oru Pozhappa” Rocky gave his trademark smile as reply and asked me to maintain the story behind his name, a secret. There it started, our journey together as friends, more than jus friends... I dono y, for wat reason I like this guy so much, from day one I admired him. A guy who expects nothing but gives yo cent percent. Then I shifted my place next to rock... The fifth row.. which became our permanent den. This was abt a week or ten days from the first day. Usually I remain silent for a while in a new environment... This was my habit rite from the school days. It continued here too. Since I passed the dormant stage, It was time for me to come out of the shell, with all guns firing... And Im not alone, I got Rock Star for company.

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  1. macchi he's really a cool and good person da....